Next Week At BSU - Team building week! / Upcoming Events: Student Council & PTA Elections - Sept 22nd
For parents

 Dear Parents, Please make sure to write your child's name and class on all labels on their clothes in order to make sure that we know who to return them to if they are lost.

Welcome back to BSU! Please check out our upcoming events for the month of September:

ECA Fair- Wednesday, 3rd Sept.
Roald Dahl Day Celebrations- starting Monday, 8th Sept
Welcome Back BBQ- Monday, 15th Sept.
Teambuilding Week- starting Monday 15th Sept.
Student Council and PTA Elections- Monday 22nd Sept.

For more information about our upcoming events, go to our website
All parents Please see the "Parent and Student Handbook" from 'Downloads' section of the BSU website.
The British School of Ulaanbaatar is proud to announce a 100% pass rate at IGCSE this year.  Congratulations to the Year 10 students who took their examinations a year early.  Students who sat the exams can obtain their grades by emailing - 
Dear Parents and Students

We are all delighted to welcome you to the new academic year at British School of Ulaanbaatar. We are excited to see you return to us and are looking forward to another year of great successes.

The school admin office is now open from Monday- Friday9am-6pm. This is a great way for us to assist students and parents to get registered and prepared for back to school. You will be able to organise everything you need to start the new term, such as registering, paying the tuition fees, purchasing new school uniform items, checking school bus arrangements, update contact details and renew medical information.

We will hold the New School Year Opening ceremony on 1st September at 11am.

You are cordially invited to attend the opening ceremony.

There will be no lessons. However, you will have a chance to meet your teachers.

Should you have any questions at all please contact our schooladmin

Please remember the uniform shop is open every day from 9am-6pm weekdays for your convenience. We wish you all the best for your return to school and we look forward to seeing you on 1st September and throughout the year.


School Administration

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The Britishschool of Ulaanbaatar are proud to be internationally recognised by the department for education in the UK and are committed to maintain their high standartds. The BSU is currently open for registration. Phone 347788, 89907788, 86118585

Click here to download the this week's general knowledge quiz:

Primary Quiz - week beginning 12/05/14
Secondary Quiz - week beginning 12/05/14


Congratulations to the Solo and group winners of Friday's talent show; Duuma & Anar, Bindy & Ninjin. Well done to all participants, it was a fantastic competition!


Congratulations to the winners of our public speaking competition, Khulan Y6 & William Y10. 

Хүндэт эцэг эхчүүд ээ !
Та бүхэн хүүхдийнхээ хувцас дээрх нэр бичих хэсэгт нэр болон ангийг заавал бичнэ үү. Хэрэв тэд хаяж гээгдүүлсэн тохиолдолд бид хэний хувцас гэдгийг нь мэдэж тухайн сурагчид өгөх боломжтой болно.
Сургуульдаа тавтай морил! Та 9 сард сургуулиас зохион байгуулж буй дараах арга хэмжээний жагсаалтыг хүлээн авна уу:
Хичээлийн дараах дугуйлах сонгох - Лхагва, 9-р сарын 3.
Roald Dahl-ийн тэмдэглэлт өдөр - Даваа гарагаас эхлэн, 9-р сарын 8.
Хичээлийн шинэ жилд зориулсан BBQ - Даваа , 9-р сарын 15.
Багаар ажиллах 7 хоног - Даваа гарагаас эхлэн, 9-р сарын 15.
Сурагчдын зөвлөл болон Эцэг эхийн зөвлөлийн сонгууль - Даваа , 9-р сарын 22.
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Principal Anna Williams interview on Bloomberg:

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