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Your Gateway to Learning

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BSU is proud to offer the National Curriculum of England and Wales, a programme taught in over thirty-thousand schools in the UK and around the world. This curriculum prepares our students for their role in an increasingly challenging, globally mobile and rapidly changing world.

The curriculum is subdivided into a series of Key Stages for different year groups, each with their own course of study and requirements which interlink to provide sequential development of knowledge and skills as a child learns and grows.

BSU follows the standards of the English Educational System, taught by fully qualified and experiences teachers from the UK and around the world. Apart from languages, all teaching is conducted in English, with support from multi-lingual teaching assistants. Our classes are very well supported with up-todate resources, texts, and schemes of work. Differentiated planning and innovative and highly effective teaching strategies ensure we are able to provide all our children with opportunities to develop their academic and interpersonal skills whilst they learn and grow at BSU.

Cambridge International School

Cambridge Assessment International Education is a provider of international qualifications, offering examinations and qualifications to 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries. Cambridge schools are part of a global community working to prepare students for success in our changing world. Registered schools gain access to a unique range of teaching and learning resources, professional development opportunities – and a world-class curriculum and wide range of qualifications for 5 to 19 year olds.


BSU is an accredited member of the Council of British International Schools, with two awards made in 2018.

Patron’s accreditation and compliance

The first was for Compliance, meaning that BSU meets all the standards for a British International School, and a second for ‘Patron’s Accreditation’ member status, meaning that the School was rigorously scrutinised and proven to be delivering the highest standards of British and international educational practice possible

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