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Physical Education and Sport are an integral part of student life at BSU. A great importance is placed on the value of these areas as a core element of a balanced education, which is delivered through both the curriculum and extra curricular activities. Our aim is to encourage participation, opportunity, sportsmanship and also to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fine Arts

Art plays a valuable role in our broad and balanced curriculum. Importance of self-expression, risk-taking in a safe and suportive environment and exercising the imagination and creativity of each individual are at the heart of the lessons.


One of the best ways for students to get the most out of their time at the British School of Ulaanbaatar is to get involved in any of the large numbers of Extra-curricular activities (ECAs) which take place towards the end of the day after formal lessons. We offer our students a wide selection of ECAs including sporting, academic and creative clubs. Activities are on offer to all students of any age although the range and nature of those provided changes depending on the year group. The ECA programme changes each term, with students signing up for the activities at the end of the previous term.

The House System

Every student at BSU is assigned to one of four Houses within the school. These Houses, each with an equal number of students, provide smaller communities within the school, allowing students to identify with staff and other students outside their own year group, while giving students a focus of identity beyond their year and tutor groups and an opportunity to foster constructive and healthy competition between houses whether in sports, academics or other areas of school life.


Pastoral care is a significant element of life at the British School of Ulaanbaatar (BSU) and we recognise that good tutoring has a key role to play in providing energetic young people with the levels of advice and support they need. In essence, happy students will work harder, achieve better and be more likely to succeed in the whole range of activities that are on offer at BSU.

Pastoral support is provided by the whole community, but each student has their own class teacher, who looks after them and is the first port of call for questions and inquires. Depending on their age, a student will spend a differing amount of time with their tutor, ranging from nearly all of the day in Nursery and Reception to a morning and afternoon meeting in Year Seven. The tutor’s role is to become the expert on each of their tutees, and to understand and support them in their life at the School.

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