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Admissions Procedure

The British School of Ulaanbaatar has an academically non-selective enrolment policy.

However, we use the following criteria before enrolment to ensure that we meet the needs of all students of each class. Please consider these criteria before beginning the registration process.

Language: It is not required that all students be fluent in English and English as Additional Language (EAL) classes will be given to those children who require additional support. However, since all subjects are taught in English, the school will make an assessment of spoken and written English skills of new students and there will be an expectation that to gain entry, each child will have knowledge of the English language as a progressively higher standard with age.

Age: Our school year groups are determined in accordance with the National Curriculum of England and Wales without exception. Please see the table below in order to determine the appropriate age group for your child.

  • Summarised flow chart.
  • Year Group Eligibility and Comparable Mongolian Grade Level
    Allocations to year groups at BSU are made in accordance with the National Curriculum of England and Wales. The table below provides details of the appropriate age group for children. Exceptions are only made in exceptional circumstances of educational need and are at the Head Master’s discretion.
  • Step One: Initial Enquiry
    Families interested in making an application to BSU for their child or children may phone the School Reception, email the Receptionist or Admissions Team or call to collect details and make an appointment.
  • Step Two: Consultation with the Registrar and School Tour
    Parents considering sending their child to BSU will be advised to make an appointment with the Communications Manager. This is always advisable in order to ensure the availability of key staff. The Admissions Team is usually only available to meet with parents between 13:00 and 15:00 Monday and Wednesday during term time. (Other appointments may be available by request.) The Admissions Team will meet parents and introduce them to the School, provide them with a standard information pack in English or Mongolian by request, a business card, and a copy of the current or prospective Academic Calendar as most relevant to the applicant. The registrar may conduct tours of the School for groups of more than one family, but all consultations will be individual. The parents will also be offered the opportunity to meet with the Headmaster if prior appointments have been made as availability permits.
  • Step Four: Assessment and Taster Sessions
    Once a child is registered formally and the non-refundable fee has been paid, the Registrar will arrange an entrance assessment session at the School for candidates already in Mongolia which will include a written examination where appropriate and an interview with a Head of Key Stage, Deputy Head Master or the Head Master as age-appropriate and subject to availability. International candidates not currently resident in Mongolia are permitted to sit the Entrance Assessments in their current school, nearest British Council Offices, or British Embassy on the understanding that they are properly supervised and invigilated under strict examination conditions.
  • Step Five: Results and Decisions
    Once a child has undertaken the entrance assessment and a taster session if possible and appropriate to their age, the results and observations will be passed to the Headmaster for his decision. Once made, parents will be informed of the result which will either be the offer of a confirmed place, the offer to be placed on a waiting list or a place will not be offered. The Head Master’s decision on all entrants to the School is final.
  • Step Six: Information Package and Signing of the Family/School Agreement (FSA)
    If the prospective student is successful in gaining a confirmed place, the parents will be provided with an Information Package which contains the following documents: ● School Handbook (available in Mongolian and English); ● Bilingual Family/School Agreement (bilingual document); ● BSU Tuition Fee Payment Procedures (bilingual document): ● Academic Year Calendar (as appropriate to the student’s date of joining); ● School Uniform checklist; ● Bus Timetables; ● Class and ECA Timetables (for mid-academic year arrivals only).
  • Step Seven: Document Submission
    Within five working days after signing the FSA, parents are expected and required to bring or send the documents listed below: ● Copy of the passports/civil IDs of the student and both parents or the legal guardian(s); ● Medical and immunisation records of each applicant, including details of allergies and chronic conditions with medication (if any); ● Copy of the applicant's birth certificate; ● Two recent passport-size photographs of the student; ● Copy of the student’s School Reports or transcripts for at least the previous two years in English or Mongolian (official translations may be required if such reports are in other languages); ● Reference form completed by the student’s previous school.

Admissions and Communications

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