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Sixth Form College

The Sixth Form (or Key Stage Five) covers the final two years of a student’s school education and is a time of greatest academic expectation and specialisation. The Sixth Form is a central and integral part of the British School of Ulaanbaatar, where the students have the opportunity to become mentors and elders to the rest of the School and bring their burgeoning leadership skills to the fore. It forms a bridge between the types of education provided at school and university, and as such exposes and supports students in learning the study habits, research skills and personal organisation required for success at university and beyond.

Students in the Sixth Form study for the Cambridge A-Level examinations, which have two components: Advanced Subsidiary (AS) subjects are completed in May or June of Year 12, normally covering four subjects, whilst three are carried forth to Advanced 2 (A2) Level, examined at the end of Year 13 .   

Subjects on offer at AS and A2 level include (but are not limited to) Mathematics and Further Mathematics, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Business Studies, History, Art and Global Perspectives. 

A-Levels are internationally recognised and accepted qualifications which provide entry to universities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia in addition to the UK.  Furthermore, the curriculum in Y13 also provides for the needs of students who intend to study within the Higher Education system within Mongolia.   


Students in the Sixth Form are not taught at all times via directed lessons but have some timetabled study periods as part of each working day.  This is quite deliberate, as they are required to use this time for research, reading, extended work and preparation for lessons. 

BSU believes it is important to provide flexibility of study to enable students to learn to use their time most effectively, but with close personal supervision from tutors and teachers to ensure that if any misunderstandings occur, advise and support is on hand to prevent ongoing problems. 

Our prefect team, which includes members of the student council and Head Boy and Girl, gives sixth form students the opportunity to learn to lead in a secure and supportive environment and solidify their own skills whilst pursuing their interests.

Art Class

The Sixth Form students are housed in their own dedicated space which provides both individual and group study areas, private from the rest of the School and open after normal school hours for students to continue their studies under supervision from the Sixth Form academic team. The area has Wi-Fi access for students, enabling them to bring their own devices into the Sixth Form and thus facilitate study between school and home. 

By providing excellent facilities, a programme which is both academically stretching and personally enriching, and dedicated support from university counsellors and teachers who are experts in their fields, BSU does all that is possible to provide our graduates with entry to the best universities worldwide in support of the brightest futures for our alumni.

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