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Life at BSU #18

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Presenting the next unique story of our series #LifeatBSU. Today's guest is our PE teacher, Coach Mr. B.Orgil-Saikhan.

Q1: In your opinion, how does physical education affect children physically and mentally?

Hello, How are you doing today? My name is Orgilsaikhan Bayarmagnai. I have been working here at BSU since 2016 as a physical education teacher and coach. In my opinion, Sport is a lifelong habit that develops children's cognitive ability, ability to communicate with their peers, and capability to express themselves openly and freely. Also, sports teach children to be strong-hearted and to be a team player, which are skills highly valued nowadays.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are the basis for doing great things, so making exercise a habit is crucial for children's development.

Q2: What methods are used to train the children in physical education at BSU?

BSU supports team sports, especially football. There are plans to participate in other team sports championships soon. In recent years, the BSU U16 team was selected as the Futsal "Champion Team of the State League" and 3 athletes from the BSU football team were called to play on behalf of Mongolia at the Mongolian U17 national football team. I conclude that it was an event that rewarded the efforts of the BSU community. Also, BSU students achieved the qualifications of "Master of Sports, Deputy Master of Sports, the 1st degree of Sports, and 3rd degree of Sports" at the Adult National Swimming Championship 2022. It is a remarkable success that we are all proud of.

Q3: What is your most memorable moment at BSU?

For me, these moments are very memorable when I thank my students who graduated from the British School in Ulaanbaatar and turn to the next page of their lives, but come to school and meet their teachers despite their busy lives.

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