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Wellbeing Board: Eye Health

British School of Ulaanbaatar (BSU) is committed to providing quality education to its students. In an effort to achieve this goal, BSU pays close attention and delicate care to its students’ wellbeing, both physical and mental. BSU has a Wellbeing Team, which consists of the School Doctor (Selenge B.), the School Psychologist (Nomin A.), the Child Protection Liaison Officer (Mr. Warner) and the Child Protection Officers (Mr.DeVynck, Mr. Roberts, Ms Inolda, and Mr. Macari) from the safeguarding team. One of the many ways that the Wellbeing team delivers their care is administering an interactive and informative notice board called the Wellbeing Board.

The Wellbeing Board is the communication bridge between the Wellbeing Team and the students. The Team initiates a monthly campaign that relates to a certain wellbeing critical topic. For example, March is designated to a whole school movement on reducing /managing your screen time in order to care for your eyes, as well as to raise awareness around what impact digital device use can have on your mental health. The Wellbeing Board will be decorated with related information and tips on reducing the negative impacts of excessive screen time and unhealthy device use. It also has a little post box, where students can write an anonymous question or letter to the Wellbeing Team. The anonymous questions can be answered during the Secondary/Primary assembly by the Wellbeing Team. For the upcoming months, there will be different campaigns on improving the student’s health and wellbeing, but we will not tell. It is a secret!

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