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A message from BSU, in light of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

To all members of the community of the British School of Ulaanbaatar,

I am sure many of you will have awoken this morning as I did to the sad news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II yesterday afternoon, UK time. This is a sad loss to the world as the Queen has been an icon of duty, service and determination, reigning for the entirety of the lifetimes of all of us working at BSU.

I would like to thank everyone personally who passed on their condolences to me this morning at the School gate: they are most gratefully received, and I will pass on your kind words to the Ambassador today. We will open Books of Condolence in the School reception directly for all of you who wish to leave a message, and these will be passed on to the British Embassy at the proper time.

Queen Elizabeth lived and reigned through some of the most momentous and transformative times in the history of Britain and indeed, the entire world. Her exceptionally long reign exemplified her strength of character and tenacity; we have few examples in today’s world of such statecraft. She dedicated her entire lifetime to the service of her country. Queen Elizabeth drew nations together as Head of the Commonwealth and will be missed by people across the world. I am sure you will join me in placing her whole family and in particular, His Majesty King Charles III in our thoughts and prayers today.

I do not believe such a steadfast lady would expect us to do anything other than our jobs in service of the education of our children. The School will remain open, but we will hold remembrances both today and in the days to come to honour her memory.

In deepest regret,


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