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Student Leadership

At BSU we promote student leadership throughout the Secondary School. We believe it is important that our students learn to take responsibility and to develop the skills and confidence to do so. Students within the Secondary School elect representative leaders from the senior years. We are very proud of our student leaders; our Head students act as ambassadors for the school and our prefects carry out a number of roles around the school, both in Primary and Secondary.

A new Student Council was elected in the autumn of 2017. Here is a message from our current head students.

A Letter from the Head Students


“To educate global citizens in pursuit of personal excellence in an ever evolving community to become lifelong learners.”

It is an honour to us, as chosen to become the Head Students,

        I, Usukhzaya, in my years in middle school,  was one of the two class representatives from 7 to 8
th grades. In 9th and 10th grades, I took the next step, and became one of 10 student council members at the American School of Ulaanbaatar. During my tenure, I assisted in organizing school events and improving the student life at my school. When I transferred to BSU, I became a prefect where I have organized Winter-balls, Dances, Proms and other activities hence,  granted with an academic scholarship.

          I preferred being in leadership positions, one of which is the Under 19 Girls’ Varsity team captain in previous years. I want to become a good role model for the lower year group students so I took the next step, in my academic years, to challenge myself and go beyond my comfort zone in becoming one of the Head Students, to further advance my leadership skills by this position.

         I, Sondor, was awarded with an academic scholarship in the 2017-2018 school year that allowed me to become a part of BSU. The role of the Head Student requires the ability to inspire those around you, whilst equally being motivated yourself to create a calm, comfortable and memorable environment for what can be an extremely stressful final year. Making a positive impact around the school requires passion, resilience and support towards our juniors and for BSU.

            What makes BSU special from other schools is undoubtedly the students who always strive for their personal excellence as well as for BSU’s improvement as a British School.  “Kaizen” or “Continuous improvement” is used to describe a school culture where everyone, from the Head to students, regularly evaluates his or her work and thinks of ways to improve it. Witnessing the continuous improvement of BSU is simultaneously preparing our students to apply the “ Kaizen” method on to the development of Mongolia since I believe every student in BSU has a great future waiting upon them as global leaders.

               Outside school, I have participated in numerous events and competitions including - member of the Youth Parliament of Mongolia, Co-founder of Youth Volunteer Club of Mongolia and the holder of the CSR award given by the European Chamber. These achievements does not only define ME but also BSU because of the great amount of support and motivation the school has given me. Therefore, BSU is where all of us can become a better version of ourselves.

                 Of course, this position requires an immense amount of work and dedication in addition to our A-levels, college application and sports, which we are sure that we can manage.

                 We have made proposals and plans, to promote student life at BSU, to make school more enjoyable, to add more extracurricular activities and community service activities for our KS4 and KS5.

               We believe we are fit for the position due to our enthusiasm towards our school. Our opinions and plans are well respected and considered by our peers. Appreciating this opportunity tremendously we hope to greatly enhance student life and build a better community..

Thank you for your attention

                           Sincerely yours,

Usukhzaya Javkhlant (Oso) and Sondor Enkhbold



The Student Council is very much like any other organisation and it requires lots of time and dedication. . The Student Council offers a realistic experience to real life for the students in their school days. 

What is the British School of Ulaanbaatar Student Council? 

The purpose of the Student Council is to provide a voice and to serve the student body and school as a whole at BSU. 

When does the Student Council Meet? 

The Student Council meets several times every half term under the guidance of Mrs Edginton and Ms Morgan.    

What type of work does the Student Council do? 

The Student Council have been working hard to provide new services and experiences this year; we have already organised the Halloween Party and are currently working with the PTA to organise a spring ball. We have created origami roses to be sold on Valentine’s Day and run a stall at the Christmas Concert. 

There are more exciting ventures in the pipelines this includes (and is not limited to) bake sales, new games for the Summer Fair and an end of year celebration!