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Student Leadership

At BSU we promote student leadership throughout the Secondary School. We believe it is important that our students learn to take responsibility and to develop the skills and confidence to do so. Students within the Secondary School elect representative leaders from the senior years. We are very proud of our student leaders; our Head student act as ambassadors for the school and our prefects carry out a number of roles around the school, both in Primary and Secondary.

A new Student Council will be elected during the first half of the Autumn Term. Here is a message from a previous Head Student.

Address from the Head Student, Tergel Tumurbaatar


Through an AS Business studies student’s eye the Student Council is almost like a non profit organisation within an organisation (the school). Its aim is to act as the bridge between the student body and the teachers and create various events, competitions and campaigns for various socially beneficial incentives.

A Student Council is composed of leading students within a school from different year groups. These highly capable students come together and as mentioned earlier strive towards a certain goals.

In my opinion the Student Council is something that offers a plethora of opportunities for us, students are able to flourish in many aspects of our lives which will benefit us in our future lives. Through the Student Council these students, including myself, have learned various new skills and experiences such as leadership, teamwork and also personal skills such as persuasive writing.

The reason for the existence of a Student Council in a school consists of many factors. Firstly it forms a voice for the student body, it creates an opportunity for students to bring their ambitions and ideas to reality. It also creates a competition amongst students thus catalysing students proactiveness. I think a Student Council is a must for any school to have.

Personally, as the Head Boy of the school, I have a responsibility to lead the Student Council. As a relatively new school the student population is still growing. Before taking on the role I believed I had thoroughly prepared myself mentally for the task, but the reality of the responsibility was nothing like I had imagined. The Student Council is very much like an organisation like I said before, and thus it requires lots of time and dedication, one should not dwell on it thinking it is just another piece of school work. The Student Council offers a realistic experience to real life for the students in their school days.

What is the British School of Ulaanbaatar Student Council?

The purpose of the Student Council is to provide a voice and to serve the student body and school as a whole at BSU.

When does the Student Council Meet?

The Student Council meets every Friday lunch time in Mrs Jones’ classroom.  

What type of work does the Student Council do?

The Student Council have been working hard to provide new services and experiences this year; we have already thrown the Secondary students the best Christmas party in history, we have put on movie nights, provided refreshments at intra-school fixtures and helped the students declare their feelings on Valentine’s Day.

There are many more exciting ventures in the pipelines this includes (and is not limited to) a house movie competition, bake sales, new games for the Summer Fair and an end of year celebration!