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Children will move into the Reception class at BSU on 1st September, following their 4th birthday.

The Reception year is intended to introduce children to school life and begin focusing more on the 4 specific areas of learning - Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts.

There will be a strong focus on phonics to build up your child’s reading and writing skills. Mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction will begin being taught and children will have the opportunity to explore Science through investigations including magnetisation and floating and sinking.

The Reception environment will be bright, fun and engaging.  Children will learn a lot through their independent investigation and play.  During their learning, staff will be on hand to help,  advise and support the child in making independent decisions about their learning.

At the end of the Reception, your child will be assessed against the 7 areas of learning according to the Early Learning Goals found in the EYFS Curriculum


We know that your child will enjoy the dynamic, fun and exciting nature of our Reception classroom and the different ways in which they are able to learn.  We look forward to welcoming them here.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the Reception environment at BSU, please contact Admissions at admission@britishschool.edu.mn or Ms Kelleher (EYFS Coordinator) rosie.kelleher@britishschool.edu.mn