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Children are eligible to attend the BSU Pre-school once they have turned 2 ½ years old.  They will remain in the Pre-school until 1st September of the year they have turned 4, at which point they will start in Reception

Within the Pre-school we will be focusing primarily on the physical, personal and emotional and communication and language development of children.  At the end of pre-school we aim that all children will be able to achieve lots of day to day activities, such as dressing, undressing and going to the toilet, independently.  

We will encourage them to think for themselves and help them consider the alternative option if they hit a problem.

Helping the children in pre-school develop their communication and language will be a vital part of your child’s development.  At the start of term the Mongolian language will be spoken to children to help them settle in to and understand the setting.  

As the year unfolds English vocabulary will be introduced.  

The EYFS Co-ordinator is an English speaker and will work closely with our English speaking, Mongolian pre-school staff to ensure the vocabulary is relevant and introduced appropriately.  

It will cover many of the everyday objects children see as well as common phrases such as ‘Good Morning’ and ‘How are you?’ The English counting system, alphabet and phonics (method for reading and writing) will also be introduced.

The purpose of using both the Mongolian and English approach is to help ensure your child understands the basic concepts being introduced, whilst also providing a solid base on which to build their future education here at BSU which will be conducted in English.  

If you are interested in finding out more about our pre-school or how it operates, please contact Admissions at admission@britishschool.edu.mn or Ms Kelleher (EYFS Coordinator) rosie.kelleher@britishschool.edu.mn