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Our Teaching Assistants


Chuluuntsetseg Kh,

My name is Chuka. I am the secondary maths teaching assistant. I like to work at BSU. I enjoy working with my colleagues and helping the students. I am learning lots of interesting ways to teach mathematics which makes mathematics enjoyable for the students.

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Sarnai G, 

I have worked at BSU for over 3 years. It is pleasure to work with a friendly and helpful team. It is a great opportunity to work with teachers from different countries and this has given me a lot of experience.  I usually work with children in years 1 - 3. It makes me proud that I am able to help the children at BSU. I am very proud that I am able to help children make their successful start to their education.

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Jargal Ts,

Hello everybody,

My name is Jargal and this is my third year working at the BSU as a teaching assistant. I am happy to be working in such a nice environment and with lovely children. This year I am working with year 3B; the students are a delight to work with and they are all extremely kind hearted. 

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Enkhmandakh N,

My name is Enkhmandakh N. I have been working at the BSU as a year 2 teaching assistant with Mrs.Norton. I am so happy to working with my colleagues and lovely children. Also I am learning a lot and gaining experience in everything I do. There are so many new and interesting ideas to teach students. I really like my work.

Also I am learning a lot and gaining experience in everything I do. There are so many new and  interesting ideas to teach students. I really like my work and I enjoy working with a wonderful team of people.

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Enkhtuya G,

My name is Enkhtuya Ganbat and I am an assistant teacher. Teaching at BSU is as much a learning experience for me as it is for the students. All of the teachers at BSU are wonderful, very knowledgeable and friendly.

I believe that good education is essential for making children successful in the future. I am very happy to work with children at BSU.

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Otgontsetseg Ts,

My name is Otgontsetseg. I completed my Masters degree in Linguistics from University of the Humanities here in Mongolia.

Working at BSU brings me a lot of happiness and satisfaction everyday as I am surrounded by kind hearted colleagues and wonderful children, mainly people who make me feel that I am at the right place, at the exact place where I should be. I feel complete here.

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Uyanga G,

I am very happy to work at BSU. I have worked before with foreign colleagues in a Mongolian orphanage children center and foster home. Last year I worked at BSU as a shadow teacher, because of this experience I was very excited about the British education system and the excellent skills demonstrated by the teachers at BSU. I can honestly say that BSU is the best school in Mongolia.

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Uyanga L,

I am entering my 4th academic year here at BSU, almost as long as the school has been open. I am a teaching assistant within the Primary section of the school. I am very excited about meeting my new class this year and I know that we get along well.
Working closely with the children I want to make sure that this academic year will be a great success. It is always a joy how students make progress and become so mature by the end of the year. I look forward to helping them to succeed.

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Nomin E,

My Name is Nomin. This is my first year working at BSU as a teacher’s assistant for year 1. I very much enjoy being part of the BSU team and look forward to gaining more experience working with children.

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