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Our Teaching Assistants


Chuluuntsetseg Kh,

My name is Chuka. I am the secondary maths teaching assistant. I like to work at BSU. I enjoy working with my colleagues and helping the students. I am learning lots of interesting ways to teach mathematics which makes mathematics enjoyable for the students.

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Enkhmandakh N,

My name is Enkhmandakh N. It is my 5th year working at BSU. I am so happy to work with my colleagues and lovely children. Also I am learning a lot and gaining experience in everything I do. There are so many new and interesting ideas to teach students. I really like my work and I enjoy working with a wonderful team of people. 

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Enkhtuya G,

My name is Enkhtuya Ganbat and I am an assistant teacher. Teaching at BSU is as much a learning experience for me as it is for the students. All of the teachers at BSU are wonderful, very knowledgeable and friendly.

I believe that good education is essential for making children successful in the future. I am very happy to work with children at BSU.

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Otgontsetseg Ts,

My name is Otgontsetseg. I completed my Masters degree in Linguistics from University of the Humanities here in Mongolia.

Working at BSU brings me a lot of happiness and satisfaction everyday as I am surrounded by kind hearted colleagues and wonderful children, mainly people who make me feel that I am at the right place, at the exact place where I should be. I feel complete here.

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Uyanga G,

I am very happy to work at BSU. I have worked before with foreign colleagues in a Mongolian orphanage children center and foster home. Last year I worked at BSU as a shadow teacher, because of this experience I was very excited about the British education system and the excellent skills demonstrated by the teachers at BSU. I can honestly say that BSU is the best school in Mongolia.

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It is my pleasure to be a part of the British School of Ulaanbaatar. I am surrounded by the brightest children and the most supporting and engaging colleagues. 

I believe children are future and hope of our country. Therefore, I am glad to be at the BSU by helping children to attain the best education and knowledge to be engaging and open minded world citizens.

I completed my Masters degree in Linguistics from University of the Humanities in Mongolia.
French teacher -translator, European Language Institute  (BA).

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Otgontuya B, 

My name is Otgontuya. This is my first year working as a secondary Science Laborant.
I very much enjoy working with my colleagues and students at BSU.  

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Solongo Ch,

My name is Solongo. I am pleasure to be working as a teacher assistant for Lions and Tigers classes this year.

Also surrounding friendly colleagues and working with lovely children at BSU is grateful for me.

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Naigalmaa S,
In 2012, I went to Singapore for FINA certified swimming coach by having professional training.
In 2014, I went to the Beijing in the FINA Synchronised swimming officials school for Synchronised judge.
In 2016, I have fulfilled a training for a swimming teacher at Bulgan province. I have been working as a lifeguard for 2 years at the British school of UB.

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Urangoo P,

Hello everybody,

My name is Urangoo and this is my third year working at the BSU.  I am so happy to working with my best colleagues and lovely children.

Teaching at BSU is as much a learning experience for me as it is for the students. I am very happy  that I am able to help children make their successful start to their education.

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Purevsuren P,

My name is Purevsuren Baatar (Pamela). I initially qualified with a degree in Psychology at University of the Humanities, and then worked at the Mongolian Intellectual Academy as a class teacher for 3 years.

This is my first year of teaching assistant for Duckling Class, with Mark Adams. I am so happy to working with children. Also I am learning a lot and gaining experience in everything I do. I am very happy to work as part of a team in an international school setting.

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Khongorzul T,

My name is Khongorzul. This is my first year working in BSU. In 2017, I graduated from Mongolian State University of Education with BA in English and Russian . 
I enjoy tutoring students and helping them build confidence in their ability to achieve, both academically and socially. Working at this school brings me warmth and satisfaction all the time.

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Anu M,


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I graduated from the Mongolian State University of Education with a BA in Primary Mathematics Education and received my second bachelor’s degree in English Teaching from the University of the Humanities.

I have seventeen years of teaching experience. Prior to starting at BSU, I worked at “Orchlon” International School as a primary maths teacher.  

I am very excited to be joining BSU and looking forward to a year full of learning, fun, and explorations.

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Mandkhai O,

Hello, my name is Mandkhai Odgarid. This is the first year of my working in British school of Ulaanbaatar.  Previously I worked in World Vision and in Japan teaching English for Japanese children. I love children and consider their well-being, protected and well education.
I'm very happy to work for children at BSU with British teachers.
My hope is beside the good education I could contribute for children my love, encouragement, faith, hope, dreams and good character. Because children are our future. 


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