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Манай багш нар


Rosie Kelleher
 - EYFS Coordinator and EYFS Teacher

In 2009 I graduated with a drama degree from St Mary's University College, Twickenham. My degree was focused on creating theatre for children and the local community in London. 

I graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2015 with a PGCE specialising in the Early Years.

I am passionate about creating a creative learning environment for children where they can grow their love for learning.  I am excited to teach the Ducklings this year!

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Жосеф Хаттон-1р ангийн багш/Шатлал 1-ийн зохицуулагч

Йорк их сургууль - Бакалаврын зэрэг болон Багшийн зэрэг

Миний бие Йоркийн Их Сургуулийг төгсөж, улмаар Лондонд багшаар ажиллаж байсан бөгөөд тус сургуульд шинжлэх ухааны хичээлийг сайжруулах зорилгоор шинэ сургалтын хөтөлбөр болон тэргүүлэх сургалтуудыг зохион байгуулж сургуулиудын хамтын ажиллагааг дэмжин ажиллаж байсан билээ.

Шатлал 1-н зохицуулагчийн хувьд миний бие зохих дүрэм журмыг үргэлжлүүлэн баримтлахын зэрэгцээ сургуулийн стандартыг сайжруулж, хөгжүүлэхийн төлөө хичээн ажиллах болно.

Би энэ жил Меркат анги (1-р ангид) багшлах бөгөөд хүүхдүүдийн сурах хүсэл тэмүүллийг дэмжин ажиллах болно.

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Ciaran Gallagher - KS2 Coordinator and Year 6 Teacher

I am looking forward to teaching Year 6 this year and taking on the extra responsibility of Key Stage Coordinator. In the past, I have taught Key Stage 2 classes and Kindergarten in both the UK and China before coming to Mongolia.

Last year, went really quickly and I have experienced a lot already that this country has to offer. I am sure that this year will be just as good or even better than the year before. 

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Melanie Hitchcocks - Academic Director

I am a qualified History teacher with a BA honours degree in History from Newcastle University and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from Durham University. In January 2018 I will graduate from Lincoln University with an MA in Medieval History.

Over the past ten years I have taught History, Geography and English in both the special needs and mainstream education sectors in the UK. I feel passionately that learning is a lifelong undertaking and I am looking forward to inspiring the next generation of lifelong learners here in Mongolia.

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Benjamin Squire - EYFS Teacher

After one wonderful year in Ulaanbaatar, I am pleased to teach at the British School, again. Previously, I studied English Literature in Bristol, studied again to be an Early Years Teacher, then taught in pre-schools, forest schools.

Whilst I would naturally concede that all manner of education is important, these initial stages of brain development are crucial to future academic success; accordingly, let us expand the horizons of our children and watch a brighter dawn rise!

Additionally, interests include: history, geography, cycling, plants. I look forward to reinforcing relationships forged over the year prior.

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Byambasuren - Pre-School 1 teacher

Hello everyone. My name is Byambasuren. I have been working as a primary and kindergarten teacher for 22 years now. I completed Pedagogy Institute as a kindergarten teacher in 1991 and then gained my bachelor degree as teacher in 2007 at the Mongolian University of Teachers. 

I have recently undergone EYFS training under the direction of Mr Mark Adams who is an expert working in this field. 
This year is my 3rd year at BSU and I love working with wonderful children and looking forward for this new challenge.

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Elizabeth Thomas - Year 1 Teacher

I graduated from the University of Reading with a BA in English Literature and completed a PGCE at Nottingham Trent University.  Before moving to Mongolia I was teaching in Girona, Spain.
Travel, teaching and climbing are my biggest passions. 

This is my second year teaching at BSU and I am looking forward to another interesting and entertaining year here. 

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Дали Девинк-1р ангийн багш

Хүний нөөцийн чиглэлээр Магистрын зэрэг, Мэргэшсэн багшийн зэрэг

Миний бие Улаанбаатар Бритиш сургуультай хамтран  ажиллах болсондоо тун таатай байна. Хувийн амьдрал буюу гэр бүлдээ анхаарлаа хандуулан ажил мэргэжлийн хувьд түр завсарлага авсныхаа дараа би өмнөх туршлага дээрээ үндэслэн мэргэшсэн багшийн зэрэг авч, хүүхдүүдийн боловсролд анхаарлаа хандуулан ажиллахаар шийдсэн юм.

Би олон нийтийн сайн дурын үндсэн дээр суурилан үйл ажиллагаа эрхлэн явуулдаг Их Британи сургуулийн 1-р ангид багшилж байсан бөгөөд энэ үзэсгэлэнтэй оронд ажиллаж, хүүхдүүдийн боловсролд хувь нэмрээ оруулах гэж байгаадаа тун баяртай байна.

И-мэйл хаяг:




Anthony Macari - Year 2 Teacher

I initially qualified with a degree in Applied Bioscience and Zoology, I then worked for a number of years before retraining and gaining my PGDE in Primary School Education.

I am very passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge to children, nurturing them and helping them meet their potential. I am very interested in travelling and experiencing new places and cultures. I enjoy volunteering in various animal based projects. I have worked with many different species such as whales, dolphins, sea turtle sloths and monkeys.

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Gillian Wray - Year 2 Teacher

I’m very excited to be beginning my second year here at BSU. Before moving here I taught in international schools in the UAE, where I lived for 10 years. I have a degree in English Literature and a PGCE from Sunderland University. 

After a fantastic year teaching the Tiger Class last year, I’m really excited to be the Owl class teacher this year. I’m looking forward to helping them grow and develop in their learning. 
I enjoyed getting out into the countryside in Mongolia last year and this winter I’d like to learn to ski. 

I love good food, good coffee, good books and good company. 

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Camilla Moloney - Year 3 Teacher

My name is Milly Moloney and I am very much looking forward to teaching Year 3 Koala class here at BSU. Having graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Environmental Science, I went on to work as a marine biologist. As much as I loved studying plankton, the part of my job I enjoyed the most was education and outreach, so I decided to complete my PGCE and I have never looked back.

I taught for 2 years in Plymouth, UK and then moved to Malaysia, where I taught for another 2 years in an international school.

In my spare time I love to travel, explore new places and dive. I also enjoy being creative, amateur photography and occasionally playing the saxophone and clarinet. I am very excited about getting to know Mongolia and finding out more about this beautiful country.

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Katrina Morgan - Year 4 Teacher

Studied BEd Primary Education (Hons) at the University of Dundee and a Part Masters certificate in Teaching Dance 3-18 at the University of Glasgow

Although I qualified as a Primary Teacher, I have spent the last eight years working with children with Additional Support Needs.  These have ranged from Social, Emotional and Behaviour Disorders to children with severe learning difficulties, severe autism and profound deafness.

I was born in New Zealand and moved to Scotland as a child where I grew up in a small town near Aberdeen.  I have always enjoyed working with children and as a young adult spent my time after school assisting teaching dance as this is a passion of mine.  It was through doing this that I was inspired to become a teacher. I still enjoy to dance: ballet, tap and contemporary. 

I am passionate about reading and feel that reading not only encourages the imagination but helps to develop a wide vocabulary in both children and adults.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Mongolia so far and look forward to new adventures over the coming year.

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Жосеф Брүүкс - 4-р ангийн багш

“Huddersfield” их сургууль - Дуу Хөгжмийн Бакалаврын зэрэг,
“Leeds Beckett” их сургууль - Бага ангийн Боловсрол Судлалын Төгсөлтийн дараах гэрчилгээ, Багшийн зэрэг

Миний бие Хаддерсфийлдийн их сургуулийг хөгжим судлаач, хөгжмийн зохиолч мэргэжлээр төгссөний дараа хөгжмийн болон урлагийн үйл ажиллагаа зохион байгуулдаг байсан маань орчин үеийн хөгжмийн наадамд зориулан боловсролын сургалт явуулахад чиглүүлсэн билээ. Би Англи хэл, Найрал дуу зэрэг олон төрлийн гайхалтай хичээлүүдийг хүүхдүүдэд заан сургадаг.  

Хувь хүнийхээ хувьд орчин үеийн урлаг, уран зохиол, өөр бусад соёлууд, Буддизм, аялал зэрэг олон зүйлд дур сонирхолтой.

Миний бие Lions (4-р анги)-д багшилж байгаа маань сурагчдыг сорьж, тэдэнд онолын болон хувь хүний хөгжил, урлагийн мэдрэмж, зогсолтгүй өөрчлөгдөж буй ирээдүйн талаарх ойлголтыг нь хөгжүүлэхэд дэмжлэг үзүүлэх боломж гэж үзэж байна.  

И-мэйл хаяг:


Agatha Brinker - Year 5 Teacher 

My name is Agatha Brinker. I am from Canada. I have been teaching overseas for the past nineteen years. I have spent many years in the Middle East and in Thailand. 

I love working in different countries and meeting people from different cultures. I trust that I will also love being in Mongolia.





Жемма Марчант-5р ангийн багш

Уэльс Бангор их сургууль - Сэтгэл судлалын Бакалаврын зэрэг

“Oxford Brookes” их сургууль - Боловсрол Судлалын Төгсөлтийн дараах гэрчилгээ (PGCE), Багшийн зэрэг

Миний бие 2015 онд PGCE гэрчилгээгээ авсны дараа Букинхамшайрт 3 жилийн хугацаанд 3-6-р дугаар ангид багшаар ажиллаж байсан туршлагатай.

Одоогоор Монгол улсад ажиллаж, амьдарч байгаа ба ирж буй олон олон сорилт болон боломжуудын тухайд нилээдгүй хүлээлттэй байна.

Миний бие Yaks (5-р) ангид багшлах ба хамтдаа энэ хичээлийн жилд их зүйл сурч мэдэж, зугаатай өнгөрүүлнэ гэдэгт итгэлтэй байна.

И-мэйл хаяг:


  Kevin Mottram - Year 6 Teacher

I hold a degree in Politics (BA Hons) from York University (UK) and a PGCE Teaching Certificate from Birmingham University, UK. 
This is my 29th year of being a full-time classroom teacher, and my fourth year of teaching here at BSU. 
As a warm and welcoming community of enthusiastic teachers and learners, BSU is a school which I really enjoy being a part of.
In my spare time I enjoy following current affairs, studying history, playing music and swimming.

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Ellie Woodcock -  Primary PE Teacher 

Hello, my name is Ellie Woodcock and I am the Primary PE teacher at BSU. I completed my Sports Degree at Durham University in 2012. During my time at University I spent my summers working in both Sri Lanka and Zambia for different sport for development NGOs whose aim was to use sport as a tool for empowerment.

Following this I then moved to Australia where I spent a year working at a Grammar School as a boarding assistant as well as working alongside the Primary PE Department. After this I moved to New Zealand to gain move experience in outdoor education and to spend most of my days on the ski slopes.

I then went home to the UK to complete my Primary PGCE with PE Specialism course. I spent two years working as a class teacher in Year 1 before moving to Mongolia to teach Primary PE. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year here and I am really excited to be back in Mongolia and at the BSU. 

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  James Alloub - Secondary PE Teacher

Hello my name is James Alloub, I am the secondary PE teacher here at the British school of Ulaanbaatar. I studied sports coaching and exercise science at Teesside university in England and followed that by completing my PGCE. 
I have previously taught physical education and A level sports studies, and I am looking forward to starting my second year teaching internationally at the British School of Ulaanbaatar. 
I have explored quite a few fantastic places in Mongolia during my first year here and look forward to exploring more during my second year in this beautiful country.

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Нейл Валкден-Түүх, нийгмийн багш

Ланкастерийн их сургууль - Түүхийн чиглэлээр Бакалавр
Ливерпүүлийн их сургууль - Mагистрын зэргээр онц дипломтой

Миний бие Улаанбаатар Бритиш Сургуульд багшилж, Монгол орны өв соёлтой танилцах гэж байгаадаа тун баяртай байна. Би Их Британий Бирмингем хот дахь нэгэн сургуульд 22 жилийн хугацаанд багшлан ажиллаж байсан бөгөөд сурагчдын ихэнхи нь амьдралын хүнд хэцүү нөхцлөөс гаралтай ч сурах чин хүсэлтэй байсан юм. Сүүлийн хоёр жилийн хувьд, Шри-Ланкийн Колумбод багшаар ажиллах явцдаа олон сорилтуудтай тулгарч байсан минь надад юугаар ч үнэлэшгүй туршлага болон үлдсэн юм. Сурагчдын тухайд сурах чин эрмэлзэлтэй байсан нь тэдэнд багшилж байсан надад туйлаас сайхан байсан билээ.

Мөн надад аялах хоббиныхоо хүрээнд, Шри Ланка, Вьетнам, Камбож, Мальдив болон Антарктид зэрэг дэлхийн бүх тивд хөл тавих боломж олдсон юм. Үүний сацуу миний бие кино, хөгжим, уран зохиолыг шимтэн сонирхдог ба сүүлийн 26 жилийн туршид йогоор тасралтгүй хичээллэж байна.

И-мэйл хаяг:


Katy Bradshaw - Mathematics Teacher

Having obtained a BSc in Mathematics from the University of St Andrews I went straight into the classroom via a fast track teaching programme. I very early on knew that being part of constructing and delivering a progressive curriculum was going to be at the heart of each new challenge I undertook.

Since then I have worked at a range of schools  in the UK before moving to Qatar for three years and now moving into my second year in Mongolia. This range of teaching experience has only added to my desire to ensure the best individual result for each child in my care.

Now, having also obtained my Masters in Educational Technologies, I am looking forward to the next year working with the strong team we have developed here at the British School of Ulaanbaatar.

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Chris Moloney -  Mathematics Teacher

I graduated in Geology and Astronomy in 1999 from the University of Plymouth. Before becoming a teacher I spent six years working in magazine publishing and events promotions. 

I completed a PGCE in Mathematics in 2007, and since then have found teaching to be a fantastic job and an opportunity to be surrounded by inspiring people. I have worked in three UK secondary schools, an international school in Malaysia and a Deaf school in the UK. 

This is my second year here at BSU, and I feel very lucky to be part of such a strong team of teachers. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to live and work in Mongolia, and look forward to exploring more of this beautiful country. 

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Зөүвии Хиэп-Математикийн багш

Манчестерын их сургууль-Математикийн Бакалаврын зэрэг
“Cumbria” их сургууль-Боловсрол Судлалын Төгсөлтийн дараах гэрчилгээ (PGCE), Багшийн зэрэг

Миний бие багшийн мэргэжлийн зэргээ хамгаалахаас өмнө буюу бакалавраар суралцаж төгссөнийхөө дараа Англи улсын батлан хамгаалахын яаманд 1 жилийн туршид ажиллаж байлаа. Мөн, дунд сургуульд ажиллаж байсан бөгөөд энэ удаа миний олон улсад математикийн багшаар ажиллах гэж буй анхны явдал юм.

Миний хувьд математикт маш дуртай бөгөөд таавар, оньсого зэргийг тааж учрыг нь олох дуртай. Ихэнх тохиолдолд миний нэг гарт рубикийн шоо, нөгөө гарт эвлүүлдэг ном байгаагаар та тааралдаж болно.

Би ирэх жилийн туршид Улаанбаатар Бритиш сургуулийн сурагчид болон өөрт тохиолдож болох олон олон сорилт, боломжуудыг угтан авахдаа бэлэн байна.

И-мэйл хаяг:


  Michael Delaney - Mathematics Teacher
Hello Mike Delaney here. I graduated from Aberystwyth University in Wales with a Mathematics degree, then gained my PGCE qualification in Bath, England.

I have previously taught in Reading, which is about 20 miles outside of London and in Krakow, Poland. This is my second year at BSU and I'm really looking forward to welcoming returning and new students back to school.

As you can imagine, just like any other Maths teacher, most of my time is spent revelling in the glory of Maths and all it entails.
On those rare moments I manage to tear myself away from numbers I enjoy watching and playing sport of pretty much any type, reading books, travelling and trying to find something that'll finally make me laugh.

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Jane Dotchin -  English Teacher

I have taught English and Drama in the UK for 13 years and also worked in public and university libraries. I gained my degree (BA Hons) and PGCE from the University of Leeds.

I'm interested in everything creative, especially writing fiction and I enjoy music and have played keyboard (not especially skillfully) in a band in the UK.

This is my fourth year at BSU. I find the students enthusiastic and open minded, and their work full of the weird and wonderful.

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Жей Григсон-Англи хэлний багш

Уэльс Бангор их сургууль - Бакалаврын зэрэг (Франц хэлээр)

Миний бие Улаанбаатар Бритиш Сургуульд англи хэлний багшаар ажиллах ба анхныхаа олон улсын сургуульд ажиллах гэж байгаадаа туйлын таатай байна.

Миний бие уран зохиол, орчин үеийн хэл найруулгыг ихэд сонирхон судалдаг ба Монголын сурагчдад энэ талаар зааж өвлүүлэх гэж байгаадаа баяртай байна.

И-мэйл хаяг:


Luke Johnston -  English/EFL Teacher
This is my second year at BSU and I am pleased to say it has been a truly fantastic experience so far. As Head of the EFL Department, it has been rewarding to see the development of students’ English language skills and the progress they have made throughout my time here.

I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in English Literature from Aberystwyth University in 2012 and have a PGCE in English (with Further Education Enhancement) from Bishop’s Grosseteste University in Lincoln.

I am in my sixth year of teaching and I have been delighted by the application, hard work and interest of the students at BSU.

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Sarnai G, - EAL teacher

I graduated from Mongolian National University of Education in 2003 with a bachelor degree in English Translation.

My passion is to work with children, therefore I’ve been working at BSU for 6 years since its establishment and it  has been a great time. Worked four years in year 1 and one year in year 3 as Teaching Assistant.

This year I’m excited to be returning to BSU as a Primary EAL Teacher. I’m very happy to use my experience gathered from previous teaching years to contribute to primary students’ education in BSU.

I believe that when students gain proper knowledge in early years, in further learning they will achieve success and become lifelong learners.

Email Address:


Nic Potter - Business Studies Teacher

I have been interested in travel and worked in the travel industry before teaching. It is therefore with great excitement that I join BSU.

Travelling and Business have always been my passions and I am looking forward to being able to use my experiences gain from working within a variety of businesses to the classroom.

Having spent 3 years teaching in England I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my career and life and look forward to my future in Mongolia.

Email Address:



Jennifer Dranttell - Art & DT teacher

I am excited to share my passion for all realms of art and design with the community
here at BSU.

My undergraduate degree is in Architecture, I have taken coursework toward a second BFA in Graphic Design and Printmaking, and after over a decade as a professionally exhibiting artist and gallery curator, I once again re-entered school to receive my Master’s Degree in Textile Design in 2017. 

I have taught at the University level in America and also taught GCSE and A- Level
Textiles, DT, and Fine Art at an Independent UK boarding school.

Email address:



Oliver Davies - Physics Teacher

I studied Physics at Birmingham University after which I taught for two years in the South West of England. I then returned to University to take a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Bristol.

Apart from my interest in Physics, I enjoy exploring the outdoors and wildlife. I am also a keen musician and have many years experience playing the drums.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my first year here and I hope my second year will be just as eventful. The staff and students at BSU have been a delight to work with and the country has been equally delightful in its spectacular scenery and friendly people.

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Claire Murray - Biology Teacher

I graduated from Stirling university in Scotland with a Bachelor’s in Animal Biology. I am interested in Science and the world around me and so decided to become a teacher to share my enthusiasm and inspire a new generation. I have been a teacher for 2 years based in the south west of England, where I also got involved with coaching and playing netball.

I am very excited for this new opportunity to teach and live in Mongolia. I am looking forward to learning all about my new students and working alongside an inspiring team of professionals. 

Email address:


  Hans De Vynck - Science Teacher

I am very happy to finally be working in an international school, and the fact that this is in magnificent Mongolia fills me with excitement.

I graduated with a General Science degree many moons ago, with majors in Botany and Zoology. I also completed a further Honours year in Zoology. These studies took place at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Over the years I have found myself working in a variety of jobs, and it is only when I started teaching 17 years ago that I found my true calling and passion.

I love teaching Science, especially Biology, yet it is the the cognitive processes involved in the understanding and learning of the subject that truly intrigue me. This interest led me to undertake a part-time Masters in Education at the University of Cambridge in 2014. The focus of my course was on educational leadership and school improvement. I found that through the nurturing of an ethic of care by means of dialogue development students grew in their sense of agency in their own worlds and learning.

Each student is the starting point in their academic journey, and I endeavour to build learning relations with my wards that allows them to develop a sense of pride in their own learning whilst revelling in their uniqueness. A happy and empowered person is a person who revels in the challenges that life brings their way, which can help with academic success, and also a holistic enjoyment of life.
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  Katie Mills - Music Teacher
Qualifications are: BMus (hons) PGCE FTCL

I am very excited to be teaching music at BSU this year.

I graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University with a Bachelor of Music with Honours and then completed my PGCE in Secondary Music Education at the University of Sussex.

I am an active musician, majoring on the flute at fellowship standard and have a plethora of experience playing in orchestras, contemporary music festivals, big bands, singing in choirs and have toured with the Trinity Symphony Orchestra, Brighton Festival Chorus and the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain. I have been fortunate to play alongside renowned flautists such as Ian Clarke, Wissam Boustany and Ruth Morley after gaining the Michael Bukht prize for the Scottish International Flute Summer School. I am privileged to have performed in beautiful locations including; Westminster Abbey, Cadogan Hall, Canterbury and Lincoln Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall.

I am looking forward to learning more about Mongolian music, culture and to explore Ulaanbaatar and beyond!

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Damdinsuren D, - Mongolian literacy teacher

I am excited to work as Mongolian Literacy teacher and Mongolian Department Coordinator at British School of Ulaanbaatar. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mongolian and English teacher from the Mongolian National Language College and hold a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from the Mongolian Humanity University.

It is an exciting opportunity for me to be working with BSU. I love to learn new things. Idioms are one of the things that interest me so much.

I always enjoy gaining more insights and experience from the teachers I work with and I am always very happy to work as part of a team in an international school setting.

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