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Сургуулийн удирдлагын мэндчилгээ


It has always been my dream to establish a school where children could learn about the world and be exposed to international cultures so they become active citizens with global thinking. For I have been genuinely privileged to lead the team of excellent teachers and outstanding educational professionals to introduce British National Curriculum in Mongolia.

The British School of Ulaanbaatar, founded in 2010 by “Eco School Garden” LLC (Mongolia), is aimed to provide educational services that empower students to be accepted to internationally renowned universities and colleges, and to contribute to the English-speaking school community in Mongolia. 

The mission of our school is to provide students with excellent learning environment to enable them to achieve their personal excellence and meet the highest British Academic Standards. Furthermore, it enables students to meet both the requirements of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education of the United Kingdom and the General Educational Certificate of Mongolia.

We are proud to acknowledge that our teaching team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced teachers with rich and comprehensive expertise to successfully lead and deliver results in the British National Curriculum.

I believe our school offers a great opportunity for students to learn the British Curriculum whilst being able to stay in their homeland with family and friends.


With best regards,


The Chair of the Board