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Захирлын Мэндчилгээ





Dear Parents,

It is my privilege to be the Head of School at the British School of Ulaanbaatar (BSU). It is a honour for me as I was engaged by the Board when the school was established five years ago. I am therefore committed to build on the achievements made to date and the successes attained during those founding years, I relish the opportunity to lead the strategic development of the BSU over the next five years.

I have worked in education for over 35 years and know that children learn best when they are engaged. To this end we will ensure that the BSU adopts best practice approaches to teaching and learning with differentiated opportunities that ensure our students are at the heart of the education process. By monitoring their progress within a creative yet structured, broad-based curriculum, we aim to inspire them to achieve, foster their ambitions and motivate them to become confident, considerate and respectful adults.

In addition to securing high academic standards it is important to develop our students as lifelong learners with the personal and social skills that will enable them to flourish in an everchanging world.

Working in partnership with students, parents, teachers and the wider school community we will build on the outstanding work that has already been carried out at BSU to ensure that all students and our staff exceed their own expectations and realise their potential. Alongside the Board I will strive for excellence and ensure that the education we provide is ‘First Class’.



Thank you

Karen Mort

Head of School