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Key Stage 5 (aged 16 to 18)

In the Sixth Form, also known as Key Stage 5, students are prepared for external A Level examinations; AS (Advanced Subsidiary) in Year 12 and then A2 (Advanced 2) in Year 13.  

The majority of students in Year 12 select four AS subjects and then in Year 13 continue with three of these subjects to be awarded the A2 certificate.

Sixth Form at the British School of Ulaanbaatar is very much an integral part of the school, however our dedicated Sixth Form Centre is a bridge between school and university as it provides our students with individual and shared learning spaces which is separate to the rest of the school.

Subjects offered at the British School of Ulaanbaatar are: Mathematics, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, Geography and Art.

It is planned to introduce further subjects as the Sixth Form (Key Stage 5) continues to grow and develop to ensure that the needs of our students are met.