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Key Stage 3 (aged 11 - 14)

Key Stage 3 covers the first three years of secondary education, between Years 7 and 9.

Whether students have joined us from the Primary  or are new to BSU and Ulaanbaatar, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. During Year 6, visits to secondary lessons are arranged for students during the third term and new students are invited to tour the school prior to joining the school.

Following an adapted version of the National Curriculum for England and Wales, students will become equipped in a variety of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Chinese, Mongolian Language, Mongolian History, Geography, Drama, Music, Art, Design Technology, PSHE and PE.

A range of wider learning initiatives including trips, inter-school competitions and extracurricular activities are organised to support the academic subjects.

The British School of Ulaanbaatar aims to develop students academically and holistically, which is applied across all aspects of learning.

It is designed to guide the students to confidently make their own informed decisions and embrace new challenges, being instilled with a life long enthusiasm for learning.