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BSU Fixtures

Various intramural sports activities based on House competitions are organised during the school year. Past and future events include swimming, volleyball, basketball and field events. The school is also part of a consortia of schools in Ulaanbaatar and a sporting league has been established to enable students to take part in competitive situations every term. The interschool events are:

  • Term 1 – Volleyball

  • Term 2 – Basketball

  • Term 3 – Football and athletics

The number of schools participating in the sporting league is growing and this in turn extends the opportunities we are able to offer our students. We hope to increase the number of sports we are able to offer which in turn will give students a greater understanding of the skills required to take part in competitive sports.

Sport team of British School of Ulaanbaatar:


TERM 1 - Fixtures 2018/2019
DATE Team vs Where

October 5th

U19 Boys/Girls Volleyball BSU, ASU, ESM ESM
October 12th - Primary Football competition BSU vs ISU ISU
October 13th - U15s U15s Football - Girls/Boys
November 2nd - U13s U13s Futsal Boys Futsal Boys BSU
November 9th- U13s  Futsal girls  Futsal girls  BSU


TERM 2 - Fixtures 2018/2019
DATE Team vs Where

January 11-12th

U19 Basketball girls and boys  BSU, ASU, ISU ASU & ISU
January 19th  Swimming Competition BSU vs ISU ISU
February 16th  U15 Volleyball - Boys @ BSU Girls @ New Era  New Era vs BSU BSU & New Era
February 22nd - Primary Handball Competition  ISU vs BSU ISU
March 1st  Badminton Compeition  ISU vs BSU BSU


TERM 3 - Fixtures 2018/2019
DATE Team vs Where

April 26th+27th

U19 Football  BSU vs ISU BSU & ISU
May 3rd  U13 Basketball- Boys @ BSU Girls @ ASU  BSU vs ASU ASU & BSU
May 10th  Primary Basketball  ISU vs BSU ISU
May 11th  U15 Basketball - Boys @ BSU Girls @ ESM  ISU vs BSU BSU & ESM